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Dangers of Unsecured TVs and Stands

TV securing on tall stand 




 New television purchase for Christmas? 


You may think setting the TV on a stand is enough, but there are untold numbers of television tip overs that are happening.  The TV sets and even the taller stands need securing to the wall behind.  Here are some tips for securing that TV and stand:


• Anchor TVs to stands or walls using nylon straps or mounting kits. The straps are available at many baby stores, and mounting kits can be purchased at some electronics and hardware stores.

• Safety straps intended for furniture should not be used for TVs. Furniture safety straps are too short, and the included screws can’t be connected to TVs.

• Place TVs on sturdy, low bases. If you’re buying a TV stand, be sure it accommodates the TV. A base too small for a TV raises the risk of tip-over.  If you are using a taller stand, look on the back to see if it has securing hardware.  I’ve found that hardware on many tall and short stands and now I understand the significance of securing the TV and stand.

• Dressers are not recommended as TV stands because they are not designed for such use.

• If a TV is placed on a piece of furniture not intended for such use, push the TV as far back on the furniture as possible and anchor both items to the wall.

• Keep remote controls, toys and other items that might attract children off TVs and stands. A TV can topple if a child is reaching for an object on top of it. DVD players, video game devices and cable receivers also should not be stored atop TVs.

• Make sure cords are out of children’s reach.

• Recycle old TVs not in use. Some retailers accept old TVs, even without a purchase.

These are just a few thoughts to raise awareness about the dangers of unsecured TV and stands.  Your children are worth the extra effort!


If you have any other tips that would help, please leave a comment for the readers!


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    Very helpful tips Donna! Neither of my daughters were climbers, but a couple of little ones in the playgroup would hike their leg in an effort to climb anything, so we kept our tvs secure and remotes out of sight. 🙂
    Linda Kinsman recently posted..Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

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    I’ve heard about the little ones walking around with the remote and the next thing you know it’s missing!

    I think the TVs of the past were heavier, but with the new flat screens people put them up on tall wobbly furniture. You think you’re done with all the safety items until the grandchildren begin to show up. Then it’s everything from the floor up being constantly moved out of reach, cover the electrical plugs, put up the window covering strings, watch out for the stove being turned on, close the doors to bedrooms and bathrooms…the list goes on! You’ll find that doting grandmothers go overboard keeping those grand babies safe!!
    DonnaPerugini recently posted..Dangers of Unsecured TVs and StandsMy Profile

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