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Bullying: Victim to Victor


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Taught Your Child How to Handle Bullying Yet?

Do you need more info about bullying?  How about teaching your child to handle bullying?  Many children are convinced that anything they ‘perceive’ as bullying is just that.  There is no such thing?  Look at this possibility: 

Accidental Pushing or a Bully Attack?

The sensitive child is pushed accidentally in the lunch line;  others whisper and point toward your child, laughing when all along they were talking about the cute boy in the distance. 

A new Kyria magazine just came out with excellent information on teaching your child how to know if they are or are not victims of bullying.  This quote is from Kyria: 

“At least one Christian school counselor thinks it’s time for parents and schools to change this culture of fear and victimization, equipping kids with rules of engagement and a sense of responsibility for themselves.”  Kyria Parent Connect

Bullys need to be stopped, but so many kids are now claiming, “They are bullying me” that there is a hysteria among the teachers and kids with no teaching as to defining bullying.  Yes, there is a backlash of bullying now in the forefront.  This issue is helping bring back a balance, going from a ditch on one side to the ditch on the other side.  There is a middle ground.

Tackling Teasing

Then there’s tackling teasing.  In another article in Kyria, a mother discusses how to explain teasing to your child. and how to determine and deal with your child as the teaser.   

Take and Share to a MOPs Meeting

If you’re inclined to take articles to discuss in MOPs or your church bible study, an excellent purchase for you would be this Kyria featured download,  

Equipping Your Kids to Make Good Choices

“Our kids will never make all the right decisions, and we shouldn’t expect them to. They are sinners (just like us!), after all. But God has given us the privilege of influencing our children. These articles and Reflect questions will help and inspire you as they journey along the road of life with them.  The articles are $5.95 and can be shared with up to 1,000 people (with permission given by Kyria).” 


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7 Responses to “Bullying: Victim to Victor”

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    Thanks for sharing. I see this all the time in the Principals office. Cases after case of students, teachers, and parents referring to bullying and it is not.
    dawn stephens recently posted..Kindle Fires for CCA in 2012-2013My Profile

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    LisaAnn says:

    I’ve never actually thought about this “other side” to the bullying epidemic… Thanks for opening my mind!

    • 2.1

      I hadn’t thought about it either until the ‘brave’ counselor brought it up in his article for Kyria online magazine. I wonder if he’s had any backlash from overprotective parents for it.

      It’s always good to walk down the middle of the road instead of falling into a ditch on one side or the other.
      DonnaPerugini recently posted..Bullying: Victim to VictorMy Profile

  3. 3

    Thanks for sharing this. My little boy starts school this year and I am hoping I will be prepared for whatever may come.
    Claire Hegarty B recently posted..It’s Happened at Last….. The Icing On The Cake!My Profile

  4. 4

    He’s really growing up, isn’t he? He’ll be stepping into a whole new world. I think he’s going to love school.
    DonnaPerugini recently posted..Bullying: Victim to VictorMy Profile


  1. Bullying: Victim to Victor

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