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In God We Trust Word Phrase Origin


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Mind Your Business was first??

How Did In God We Trust Get On Our Currency?


Having ‘In God we trust’ is such a controversial subject in the US and has been for awhile.  Atheists and those who believe it is essential to keep government and religion divided,  all agree it should be taken off  the United States money.  How did that phrase get put on our money in the first place and when did it happen?


Mind Your Business on US Currency?  Or in God We Trust?  

‘Mind Your Business’ was the first motto used on a US coin.  In God We Trust, found on all American coins , was authorized by two Congressional acts of 1865.  You wil find ‘In God We Trust’ on the eagle ($10 gold piece), the double eagle ($20 gold piece), and the half eagle ($5 gold piece), the silver dollar, the half dollar, and the quarter…paper money too.

A Parody of the Motto, In God We Trust

Even a President of the US had a parody of his name inserted in In God We Trust.  Herbert Hoover won the presidency in 1928 with his party’s slogan, “A Chicken in Every Pot”.  Herbert Hoover lost the presidency in 1932 during the Great Depression.  Franklin D. Roosevelt’s supporters called for a “New Deal” and chanted, “In Hoover we trusted, now we are busted.”  

Info found in the Henry Holt Encyclopedia of Word and Pharase Origins

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