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Learning Disabilities and Help for Your Child


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Ignoring symptoms of Learning Disabilities doesn’t make them any less real

Why Understand Learning Disabilities?

Is there help for your child with learning disabilities?  In 2004, the subject of learning disabilities online was at a high.  Learning Disabilities has steadily gone downhill as a subject that interest people online.  You can’t just bury your head in the sand and believe it doesn’t affect you. So why read about learning disabilites?

Doesn’t Affect Me, So I Don’t Need to Know

Teachers need to stay informed on the progress being made, place to refer parents and how to work with an LD child in their classroom. Doctors need to be understanding of LD and you as a parent, grandparent, relative, friend need to know how to interact with LD children and adults. When my son was in the military, he sent a handwritten letter to his grandfather…my father. Years later when my father passed away, I found the letter while cleaning up the house. My father had gone through the letter and circled all the misspelled words in red. I’m profoundly grateful he never sent it to our son whose learning disability included spelling and so many other areas. It would have dramatically changed a relationship by trying to shame him for something he struggled with every day. Shaming, blaming, guilting, manipulating, bribing, etc. have little to no effect on the LD child. Helping that child to understand and notice their learning style will put them on top of their learning curve. Like I said, many brilliant people are learning disabled in one form or another.


Take Heart, There is Help for the Learning Disabled!

Last week I gave you this online PDF of 5 pages explaining learning disabilites, giving references for help, and giving you age categories and what LD would look like in their life…preschool up to adult.

If you are learning disabled, you’ve found that the school system didn’t work well for you, that you needed information and longed to have someone reach out and help you on this journey. Imagine now that your child is starting out this way. You won’t be able to pound that square peg into a round hold. Yelling, frustration, bribing, etc. will only get you so far and you’re still left wanting as a parent.


Now You Can Get Help Early for Your Child

Interested now?  Then go here and read the 5 page PDF for your’s and your child’s benefit. Then get help early in your child’s life..go here to read about early help for learning disabilities.


What Should I Do First?

In their own words from the LD Online.org site:

  • Trust your intuition!
  • Meet with your child’s teacher and guidance counselor.
  • Know your legal rights and responsibilities. Learn about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). If you prefer to have information shared in a language other than English, be sure to ask for a summary of your rights and evaluations in your native language.
  • Observe your child’s strengths and interests.
  • Realize that you are not alone
  • Learn as much as you can.

Each of this bullet points is explained in more detail on the LD Online.org site.

Please share this around the net. So many children can have a better start, be understood at the age they are presently or even help others understand more about learning disabilites. 




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