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Google Reader Retiring So Change to Feedly


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Google Reader retiring!!?? Why didn’t I Subscribe by Email sooner….

Google Reader Retiring July!

Google Reader is retiring and you will not be able to get my posts delivered to you in a few days…unless you replace your Google Reader now!  July 1 is the deadline for changing over. 

Subscribe by Email to My Blog

You can still get my posts via mySubscribe by Email. Look on the top right side of my blog and sign up today! 

Feedly Reader is Easy..Sign Up and Use

Google Reader may be going, but Feedly is here to help you by being your new reader.  If you do not migrate to a new reader to replace Google Reader, we will be parting company.  I’ll miss you!   Please take the time to migrate your reader feed now.  Feedly takes a few minutes and if you need tips on what will happen with Feedly, just click here.

Hope this isn’t goodbye, but I’ll meet up with you again via Feedly or Subscribe by Email!!


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