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Arapahoe High School in Our Prayers

Arapahoe High School Cheers

Arapahoe High School is in our prayers

Your Child, Arapahoe High School and Prayer

Children are growing up in an environment we did not know as children. Our schools, always seen as a place of safety, learning and friendships are increasingly becoming places of terror, fear and loss.

Children are being trained for ‘lock-downs’ and come home sharing with us how we’re supposed to find them if a lock-down occurs.  This was a quote given by a freshman to a TV reporter at Arapahoe High School.

My Child’s too Young to be Involved

Have you talked about real feelings with your children when times like Arapahoe High School occur? You might say your children aren’t involved and not even old enough, so why bring it up? It’s been on TV, news programs, talked about between the kids.  We are all involved and more than we want to be no matter what age.  Your child needs your guidance, support, and your ability to listen to their heart in these matters.

What Do I Say to My Child About the Arapahoe High School Shooting?

As parents, how do we do that?  Put away and turn off all the outside influencers…TV, computers, iPods, phones, etc.  Take time to pray and ask God to help you help them.  Then sit down together and talk about how they feel.  They may act like it’s no big deal, but trust me, they’ve thought about it more than once.  Bring your faith into the discussion and at the end, let them pray with you to a God Who loves and cares about their life even more than you.

You won’t always be with them, but Jesus said He’ll never leave them nor forsake them.   There may be more school shootings in the future, but we have a greater hope.  When you’re praying over your children, pray for the schools..the teachers..law enforcement.  “The prayers of a righteous man or woman avail much,”  and “Pray for those in authority that you may live in peace. ”

Put Away Fear and Worry

Then go about your life without fear and worry.  Worry never changed anything in anyone’s life.  Prayer, on the other hand, does change things.

How have you helped your children during times like this?  Would love to have you leave your thoughts here.


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    My heart is always in my throat when I hear of lock downs at schools. I say a prayer of safety for all.
    I have spoken to my daughters (more in depth with my high school freshman) about this latest high school shooting, but we spoke more of her own safety and school drills.
    I’ll know when/if she’s ready to speak of more personal feelings. I let them take the lead on sharing those. But we prayed as a family for all touched by this terrible event.
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