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Chihuly Glass in Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, AZ


Entrance green Chihuly glass Phoenix  AZ1051

First entrance to the garden was three spires of glass glistening in the clear sunlight. Chihuly in Phoenix, AZ

Chihuly Glass in Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, AZ –

A Mental Break from Snow and Ice

I’ve been watching all the snow and ice pile up in the Midwest of the United States.  We live near the Canadian border, Washington State where it has been cold but nothing like the Midwest, east coast, etc.   We lived in Michigan and Indiana enough to deal with snow and ice.  Any gift giving time and we always hoped our children would give us coupons to shovel snow.  It just makes it nicer for them to have the idea and us not to have to push them out the door with a shovel until the driveway was cleared.

Chihuly Glass in Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, AZ 


Chihuly Glass Archway, Phoenix, AZ


Chihuly at Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Arizona

Big Blue Wish Chihuly blown glass Phoenix, AZ

This posting is actually a little tour with great photos of a short trip we made to Phoenix, Arizona about three weeks ago.  We were at a Andrew Wommack conference that also included Creflo Dollar.  Such excellent teachers of the bible! While there, we went to the Desert Botanical Garden that was showing Chihuly glass within the gardens.  It was 65 degrees daytime and the display of glass with cacti was gorgeous.  We went back later that evening with our daughter-in-law to see the lights with the glass.  It was much cooler at 43 degrees, but worth the walk with her as company.

Stunning Well Placed Chihuly Blown Glass 

WhiteTower by Chihuly Arizona1190

White Tower by Chihuly. Very tall with individual blown glass branches


Chihuly blown glass suspended balls 1177

Suspended in mid air and rising up from the ground…blown glass balls by Chihuly at Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, AZ

From the beginning as we walked through the blown glass arches, we were met by surprises around every corner.  Then came the finale….it was mind blowing!  Stunning huge glass balls suspended in the air as a grouping.  I’ll let the photos to the right do the rest of the describing.

BlownRods Chihuly Phoenix AZ1192

Tall Narrow Lilac Blown Rods byChihuly in the Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, AZ

I can only hope you have a mind break from your snowy surroundings while you read this and see the photos.  Here’s to sunny days ahead for all of you!

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5 Responses to “Chihuly Glass in Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, AZ”

  1. 1
    Becky says:

    Nice pictures! That glass is beautiful. I might have to go check that out. I wish I’d have known you were in the neighborhood, I would’ve stopped to say hi. 🙂

    And it’s been very hard to fathom these crazy storms from my vantage point- being that it’s been in the 70’s here and I haven’t even really needed a jacket for the most part.

    • 1.1

      I didn’t know you lived close to Phoenix, Becky. The garden is so beautiful to visit but be prepared for cost to enter! We did it because we won’t be back for a year at least. The Andrew Wommack conference was free though and it was really good Word! My husband likes Creflo Dollar a lot now. We stayed at the Biltmore where they held the conference. Your nights are sure cold there and it was only in the low 40’s too. Our nights are cooler up here in WA State sometimes!
      Donna Perugini recently posted..Chihuly Glass in the Phoenix, AZ Desert Botanical GardenMy Profile

      • 1.1.1
        Becky says:

        I think I’m about 40 minutes east of where you were. Not *too* far. Would’ve been worth the jaunt. 😉 Sounds like it was a good conference.

        I will have to keep an eye out for a homeschool day or group field trip or something to the Desert Botanical Garden. Usually you can get reduced admission for stuff like that (if you’re a part of a group). And I think I’ve even seen free passes from the library. And yes, right now the nights are cold, but I won’t be saying that in a few months. Lol. 🙂
        Becky recently posted..I Can’t Be QuietMy Profile

  2. 2
    LisaAnn says:

    Hello, my friend! What gorgeous photographs!

    I have been absent from the blogging world for ages, so I just wanted to pop by and say hello. I hope you are doing wonderfully!

    • 2.1

      Hi, LisaAnn!

      Yes, the landscape of the blogging world is changing!

      I’ve watched you online with your YA novel, Essence, being released soon. How exciting for you and congratulations! It’s been a long journey for you but it’s closer than it’s ever been. If you have a website for book purchases or want to send people to Amazon, etc. go ahead and leave it in a reply to this on my blog or use another comment here to do so. I’d love to boost you along.
      Donna Perugini recently posted..Chihuly Glass in the Phoenix, AZ Desert Botanical GardenMy Profile

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