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Don’t Hug a Grudge Children’s Book GIVEAWAY

Don't Hug a Grudge by Donna Perugini

Don’t Hug a Grudge book GIVEAWAY

GIVEAWAY for My Christian Children’s Book

“Don’t Hug a Grudge GIVEAWAY is happening now and until December 1, 2015. Just comment on this posting which is “on my blog”, http://www.DonnaPeruginiChildrensAuthor.com   The book is written in English and Spanish.

Description of Don’t Hug a Grudge

Grudges appear to be small, harmless and cuddly. They want you to pick them, nurse them and feed them with angry thoughts. You’ll be able to pick them up and put them down when they’re small, but WARNING…grudges grow up. They become Resentment and then Bitterness. See the growth cycle of a grudge and discover how you can stop it right in its tracks. Written in English and Spanish for ages 8 to adult. Don’t Hug a Grudge has been used by Joyce Meyer, of Joyce Meyer Ministries International, in her Emotional Healing Series, “Bitterness, Resentment and Unforgiveness”. Ages 7 to adult


Adults Find Don’t Hug a Grudge Helpful Too

This children’s book has been shared in prisons and in bible studies.  Everyone has faced whether they should hold a grudge or put it down.  The awesome thing is….we can choose!  A chaplain from the prison below sent these letters to me from the prisoners in her group.  More than what is below were sent.  I chose these two because they are sharing the book and what they learned from it with their sons.  Forgiveness is a choice freely given and freely received.
(names and prisons below remain anonymous)

Dear Donna,
I want to thank you for your donation of your book, “Don’t Hug a Grudge”. I believe your book to be an effective tool in forgiveness for people who have been hurt or rejected. And most of us here fit that criteria. I am especially thankful because I plan on passing the book on to my 6 year old son in hopes that it will help him to understand the importance of forgiveness.
Thank you,
Mr. Jackson (prison)

Dear Ms. Perugini,
I would like to thank you for donating your book to me. I cannot wait to share the lessons in it with my sons. It also spoke to me personally to teach me how holding on to grudges can poison my life. You have done a good thing. God bless you and glory be to God!
Mr. Brown (prison)

An adult child shares the book with her elderly parent:

I purchased this book several years ago when my son was little (he is now 17) and just wanted to let you know that this is the most wonderful book about the subject of forgiveness.

 My Dad came to stay with us nine years ago for about twelve days.  He was in the beginning stages of dementia, and we were outside so he could smoke.  We talked about him needing to forgive my mom since their divorce many years before, and he looked at me and shook his head no.  The Lord led me to go into the house and get your book.  I sat with my Dad and read each page, and he looked closely at the pictures.  When it came to the picture on bitterness, where the blue bitterness was holding the boy’s shoulders, my Dad pointed to it and said that was in him.  So I asked my Dad if he was willing to forgive my Mom, and he said he couldn’t.  We prayed together and asked the Holy Spirit to help him forgive her, and when we went to church the next morning, he went to the altar and told our pastor he wanted to forgive her and give his life back to Jesus.  He passed away five years ago, and the Lord gave me a vision of him in heaven with Him.

Thanks for such a treasure.  I have shared this book with children in sunday school, and also other adults who seem to see the truth simply in a children’s book.

Blessings,  Retha B. Middletown, Ohio-

See more at: http://donnaperuginichildrensauthor.com/readers-reviews/#sthash.KcIV48I4.dpufHere’s a book trailer for Don’t Hug a Grudge that let’s you have a ‘look into the book’.  (Can’t see it in the email?  Go to http://www.DonnaPeruginiChildrensAuthor.com)


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