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Donna Perugini, Children's Author

Donna Perugini, Children’s Author

Donna Perugini
The ‘Believe Like a Little Child’ Author

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My blog offers ideas for teaching your children 

Included are encouraging words for parent and grandparent.  I like to cover subjects that help you in your relationship with your children.  You’ll see some tutorials that will benefit your children and grandchildren.  Sometimes I just like to talk about Christianity and my walk with the Lord.


Look for the free curriculum

that enhances my published children’s books.  There are coloring pages of the book’s characters, music videos with songs written and performed by Duane Sines, words and guitar chords to the songs, and crossword puzzles for each book. 


Taught children 30 years

I have been teaching children the Word of God over 30 years, by ‘cutting it into bite-sized pieces’ and making it fun and entertaining.

While in Children’s Ministry I was looking for ways to reach and teach the children that would impact their lives.  During that time I authored four children’s story picture books that would cover subjects facing children….


Being Born Again, stepping in to the dream in your heart (The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar), 


Friendship…Overcoming Fear  and the ‘what if’s‘, not listening to a ‘dragonfly lie’ (The Adventure of Amelia Airheart Butterfly in bye! bye! Dragonfly!)  Your child will find out how to overcome the fear of feeling like they’re not ‘good enough’ .


Angels and Prayer, (Do Angels Go Camping?), our angels watch over us 


Forgiving and Unforgiveness, grudges, resentment, bitterness, sending the enemy on his way (Don’t Hug a Grudge). 


Try Out My Books first!

If you want to ‘try out’ the books first, there are Book Trailers, Sneak-a-Peek book feature and Reader’s Reviews.  All the books have been reviewed with comments left.  Find out how the Readers feel about my books and what the books did for them and their children. 

Find the Books

The books were first published through Harrison House Publishers, Tulsa, OK and have been re-issued.  All my books are now available on my Donna Perugini Amazon Bookstore ,  Donna Perugini Author site , Barnes and Noble.  The first music enchancedd e-book, The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar is available through Apple iTunes. Search  Childrens Books; search Donna Perugini; The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar….$2.99  A narrated version of The Adventure of Amelia Airheart is due for Christmas 2015!


About Donna Perugini

I’m a ‘loving, appreciative wife’, mom to three and Grandmother to four.  You can find me in Women’s Ministry as a Speaker/Teacher.   And on any number of days you might find me at the pottery wheel throwing pots or standing at my kitchen counter sculpting.

Part of my role at Women’s Meetings is demonstrating God’s personal interest in us as ‘we are the clay and He is the Potter’.    Using the pottery wheel I show how the Potter makes a pot and trims it for His use.

My inspiration for children’s books is a relationship with a loving Father and His leading in my life. 

“The teaching gift is always coming out.  Every situation, every visual, all wants to become a teaching. I believe I’ll never run out of God-inspired ideas!”

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