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Curriculum for The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar

The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar by Donna Perugini

1st book in the ‘Orville Series’ The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar by Donna Perugini

Have I got a Lesson for You!


ISBN  978-0-88144-535-0
 Items You Will Need  Link to Donna’s Children’s BookStore 

Link to Music Video Songs for The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtLiVq1-BYc  


Clothespins without the spring (can be purchased at a Craft Store)  

Double-sided sticky tape or glue  

Black pipe cleaners  

Green, orange, red, purple, yellow highlighters (for coloring the wings and wood clothespins)  I used green first and then purple over it for brown.

Toilet paper long whole length (to wrap around clothespin for the story) 




Orville Cut Out Craft


 The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar Guitar Chords PDF




Run copies of  the Orville Cut Out Craft  for heads, caterpillar body and set of wings (link is above).  You will need two opposite heads to put on the clothespin, one on each side of the wood head end. 

The wings should be colored by the children before cutting.  Cut out the areas marked for cutting.  Pre color the heads and full body for preschoolers.  Use highlight pens..less messy and easier for their small hands.  Crayons will work fine.  Use double sided sticky tape instead of glue for the heads sticking together.

CaterpillarcutoutOrvilleonclothespinThe full bodied caterpillar is for a separate clothespin to tell the first part of the story.   
Get ready to tell your story by having a pre-made full bodied Orville Wright Caterpillar adhered to the colored clothespin.  Tell the story of Orville with clothespin.  Use plain caterpillar clothespin first.  When you reach the cocoon page wrap white toilet paper around the clothespin.  Start to talk to them and without them seeing you, put down the caterpillar in cocoon behind you under something (blanket) and pull a complete with wings, Orville Wright Butterfly from under the same area behind you.  A blanket on your lap would cover your hand until the big reveal.    



Teacher Questions are in RED

Children Answers are in BLACK



 Read or tell the first part of the story with these questions    


What did Orville believe about himself?   He could fly  

Why did he want to fly?  It was the dream in his heart  

Did anyone believe he would fly? No  

What did he do BEFORE he could fly?  Orville got thick rubber tennies for practicing takeoffs and for landing gear, helmet, goggles and scarf for flying, maps to show him where to fly, books on how to fly.

Why did he do that?  Because he believed that he could fly and he wanted to be ready for that day he would fly!    

Did he feel sad that his friends laughed at him for wanting to fly?  Yes. 

Did he give up wanting to fly so his friends wouldn’t laugh anymore?  No  

Why didn’t he give up?  Because HE KNEW HE WOULD FLY so he kept on getting ready to fly.  

When he became Born Again, did he hear God talk to him?  Yes.    


Show Orville listening to God’s Voice.


What did God say to Orville?  “Orville, climb up that tree and spin a bag around yourself.”     

That means Orville heard God speak to him!  Did Orville obey God’s Voice?   Orville wanted to know where to get the bag.

Did Orville go to the grocery store to get a bag?  No  

What did God tell Orville to do? God said the bag was on the inside of him.  And then God told him he would fly and have new life and God would supply all his needs.  

Did Orville get scared about that answer?  No.  Orville had peace inside himself.  

Show Orville having toilet paper spun around him.  Sing a song “Dream in Your Heart” by Duane Sines


Distract their attention from cocoon to book,  to put clothespin behind your back under a blanket.  Put your hand under the blanket on your lap with the completed butterfly Orville under it. 


Did he stay in the cocoon or give up and crawl down the tree? No, he waited.  

Did Orville believe God would take care of how to get out of the cocoon?  Yes, God said he would take care of Orville’s needs.  

When did Orville know it was time to come out of the cocoon.  Did he have a watch?  No watch.  When God said, “Now, Orville. Now!”  


Bring Orville Wright BUTTERFLY out from under the blanket into sight and zoom him around in front of their faces 


What did he look like when he came out of the cocoon?  Did he have feathers to fly like a bird? No.  He had butterfly wings…he was a new creation (brand new never existed before)…not a copy of a bird!  

What did he do after coming out of the cocoon?  He flew!  Then he told his friends about Jesus!   


Proceed to let the children color their butterfly wings and clothespin body.  Attach their antennae to Orville for them with tape.  Put the pre-colored heads on each side of the clothespin head area.  Tape in the antennae from behind the heads, tape the two heads together with double-side sticky tape.

The colored wings can be loosely scrunched and pushed into the open end of the springless clothespin.  The body has been colored green and the heads have been applied to both sides of the clothespin with the antennae having been taped on the inside previously.

Have a child use their Orville to tell the first full bodied caterpillar about being Born Again.   Listen to see what they’ve heard you teach.  Then show them what to say as the Butterfly Orville shares the gospel.


To make your lesson even more interesting, you can pre-order some cocoons that will turn into butterflies over a period of weeks.  There’s nothing like up close and personal to make a point about changing from a caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly. 


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