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Think about making the pages offered here into your own coloring book.  Do you need a cover for the book?  Try poster board or a three ring binder with a see-through front sleeve.  Just add a small package of crayons and you have a gift for a child.  Get creative and make your own front cover with material or felt.  This would be a great gift for your Sunday School class!


The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar by Donna Perugini

1st book in the ‘Orville Series’ The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar by Donna Perugini

The Flight Of Orville Wright Caterpillar Coloring w cover




The Adventure of Amelia Airheart Butterfly by Donna Perugini

Purchases @ www.DonnaPerugini.com

The Adventures of Amelia Airheart Butterfly in bye! bye! Dragonfly! Coloring w cover



Purchase book http://www.DonnaPerugini.com

Purchase book http://www.DonnaPerugini.com

Angels Coloring Book with Cover



Don't Hug a Grudge by Donna Perugini

Purchase at www.DonnaPerugini.com English and Spanish $4.99

Don’t Hug A Grudge Coloring w cover


Purchase Books:  Donna’s Blog Bookstore   Donna’s Author Website


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