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Donna Perugini, Children's Author

Donna Perugini, Children’s Author

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Donna Perugini 

the ‘Believe Like a Little Child ‘ Author

Donna’s Blog   http://www.DonnaPeruginiChildrensAuthor.com/
Author Website for Book Purchases  www.DonnaPeruginiChildrensAuthor.com 
    Ceramics_Website   http://www.DonnaPeruginiCeramics.com/
Facebook Profile  http://www.Facebook.com/DonnaPerugini
Facebook Pages as Donna.Perugini.Books
Twitter    http://www.Twitter.com/DonnaPerugini
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About Donna Perugini 

Member of Society of Children’s Book Writers (SCBWI), NorthWest Christian Writers (NWCWA), Cascade Clay Arts (CCA), Washington Clay Artists (WCA, Seattle)

Donna Perugini Books Sold Over 100,000

from 1983 to 1987 and are being re-issued under, Donna Perugini Books. The books are available for purchase through    Donna’s offical Author Website, and bookstores everywhere.

Donna writes a blog that reaches parents, grandparents, and anyone involved with children. http://www.DonnaPeruginiChildrensAuthor.com/ to subscribe by email or get the RSS Feed.

As a Women’s Ministry Speaker, Donna also uses the potter’s wheel to teach about God’s interest in us and how He makes each of us as individuals for His purposes.  She explains how God uses that uniqueness to bring His love to those around us.

Donna Perugini in Television


Donna’s books were read on Kids Like You, by host, Cathie  Dorsch.  Kids Like You is an outreach sponsored and produced by Agape Church, Pastor Happy Caldwell, Little Rock, Arkansas.   The tapes are still on Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) shelves and shown in various countries.


Donna Perugini’s Radio Interview


Host Bridgette Mongeon chats with Children’s book author and artist Donna Perugini about writing, and the creative process.

 (Takes a minute to load)

Part I  Creativity


Part II   Marketing



Donna Perugini’s Endorsement

Endorsement by Cathie Dorsch, Host of Kids Like You Televison Show

“Our children’s television program, Kids Like You, featured story books by Donna Perugini much to the delight of our young audiences. Viewers enjoyed every flight and angel’s camp site with Orville Wright Caterpillar and learned biblical lessons in the process. Your young readers will connect with her characters, too. Congratulations on your projects, Donna. I know the work & labor of that love and think it’s awesome!”
Cathie Dorsch, Host for the TV program Kids Like You

Donna Perugini in News Sources

Faith Draper Lansing Children’s Books Examiner  Review of  The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar  http://www.examiner.com/children-s-books-in-lansing/review-of-the-flight-of-orville-wright-caterpillar-by-donna-perugini 

Faith Draper Lansing Children’s Books Examiner Review of  The Adventure of Amelia Airheart Butterfly in bye! bye! Dragonfly!    http://www.examiner.com/children-s-books-in-lansing/review-of-the-adventures-of-amelia-airheart-butterfly-bye-bye-dragonfly

Donna Perugini’s Books Used by International Ministries

 Joyce Meyer thought enough of Don’t Hug a Grudge by Donna Perugini, to use it  in her teaching series, Bitterness, Resentment and Unforgiveness.  

International Victory Bible Institute, an affiliate of Victory Christian Center, Tulsa, OK. IVBI has over 1,000 bible schools around the world.  The book, Don’t Hug A Grudge, was included in their second year curriculum.  Donna helped write their Children’s Ministry Bible Institute curriculum.  


Donna Perugini Book Titles: Three books in the Orville Series:

The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar by Donna Perugini

1st book in the ‘Orville Series’ The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar by Donna Perugini


The Adventure of Amelia Airheart Butterfly by Donna Perugini

Second book in the ‘Orville’ series, The Adventure of Amelia Airheart Butterfly in bye! bye! Dragonfly!


Do Angels Go Camping? by Donna Perugini

Third book in the ‘Orville’ series: Do Angels Go Camping?

  1. The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar   This first book in the series, ages preschool to eight,  takes a child through being Born Again, acknowledging the dream in their heart, and stepping into it ‘by faith’…all through the ‘eyes’ of Orville Wright Caterpillar.
  2. The Adventure of Amelia Airheart Butterfly in bye! bye! Dragonfly!    Amelia Airheart Butterfly is second in the series of Christian children’s books for ages preschool to eight.  Amelia was written to address the issue of fearful thoughts in a child’s mind. Sometimes insignificant thoughts become ‘larger than life’.   Amelia shows how a lie spoken changes what she believes about herself. Orville is the friend that tells her the truth and encourages her to not accept the ‘what if’s’ in her thoughts…”what if I trip again..what if I SHOULD quit being a butterfly”.  And who is whispering those ‘dragonfly lies’?
  3. Do Angels Go Camping?    Third book in the series for preschool to eight.  Donna takes the idea of the ‘angels of the Lord camping round about those who love Him’ in Psalm 91 further with, “Do Angels Go Camping?”   The book speaks to the children about friends, angels, prayer and thanksgiving.


The Fourth Donna Perugini Book is a Stand Alone Titled, Don’t Hug A Grudge

Don't Hug a Grudge by Donna Perugini

English and Spanish Don’t Hug a Grudge 

When you hold a grudge, you end up feeding it and making it stronger with hateful thoughts and words.

The growth of a grudge is shown from Grudge, (when it is small you can put it down), to Resentment, (you don’t hold it, it holds you), and ends up as Bitterness, (it’s roots go down deep and cause you to hate the ones you should love).

Throughout the book, “Don’t Hug A Grudge”, the Word of God answers the questions of how to send the ‘disguised unforgiveness’ on its way by washing your thoughts with the Water of the Word.

Find out what’s behind the innocent looking little grudge that’s been so easily picked up and fed.

Look for a GREAT ENDING to an age old problem….how can you forgive someone who has hurt you?!

Don’t Hug A Grudge is being used by adults in bible studies and teachings.


Donna Perugini Helped Write Curriculum

for Children’s Church in the International Victory Bible Institute, an affiliate of Victory Christian Center, Tulsa, OK. IVBI has nearly 1,000 bible schools around the world and the book Don’t Hug A Grudge is included in their second year curriculum. To read their recommendation letter, please click here: Recommendation Letter from Victorious Faith Ministries


 Interview Topics for Donna Perugini

Suggested interview topics are children, children’s ministry, women’s ministry, ministry with the potter’s wheel, her children’s books.

Sample Q & A with Author Donna Perugini

  • How did you become an author?

I became a published author of Christian children’s books in 1983 through Harrison House Publishing.  As the Children’s Ministry leader I was looking for ways to teach the Word of God by ‘cutting it up into bite-sized-pieces’ for the children. I wanted faith-filled material that was engaging.  That’s when I began coming up with my own stories, puppet skits, and object lessons.

  • Why did it take you from 1987 to 2010 to have the children’s books back on the market again?

The books went out of print in the late eighties/early nineties. People would send letters, emails or call the publisher or myself. I began looking on Amazon and found that my children’s books were having a second life in the ‘used book’ market.  I kept waiting for ‘God to do something’. I did reprint the book, Don’t Hug a Grudge in 2006, and sell it through Amazon.com.

In the summer of 2009 I began listening to a teaching series on how we need to ‘step into the dream God put in our hearts and stop waiting for someone else to do it’.   At the moment I surrendered the details to God and said yes to stepping into the dream He placed in me, the phone rang.  On the other end was a representative from Yorkshire Publishing asking if I intended to put my books out again and keep writing. I kid you not! It was within 30 seconds of that surrendering.  Here I am today, the books are being made available all over the world again, and with more to come!

  • Has the role of a published author changed in relationship to marketing the books?

Authors are now expected to play a major role in the promoting of their books. Yes, the publisher has some of it covered in their marketing, but an author is required to establish an Author’s Platform in Social Media Networking, having it in place even before the book is in print.

  • Explain an Author’s Platform in Social Media Networking.

Between the author and the publisher, a marketing plan is established. Who is your market? If you write children’s picture books, the children really aren’t the ones purchasing. The parents are purchasing as well as grandparents, relatives and friends.  So you find online where the moms, grandmothers, etc. are ‘hanging out’?  Since I’ve been online setting up my platform, I’ve met MANY women bloggers who take part in discussions, meet around specific subjects for friendship, business, etc.  The blogs online have become sources of revenue for ‘mommy bloggers’ and places for exchange of information.  Real friendships among the women have blossomed with prayer requests of each other, and rock solid advice from the older women to the younger women. They also help each other out to become tech savvy….a bonus!

Once my blog was established, I began to cover subjects that were of interest to parents and grandparents. My blog postings are linked with Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Business Pages and LinkedIn, Goodreads, Library Thing and Jacketflap.

On my blog there is a PDF for downloading coloring pages that go with the books. You’ll also find the books themselves with illustrations and words for a ‘Sneak-a-Peek’ inside the book, and Book Trailer videos for each book.  Songs have been written for the first three books and are available.  Bloggers love having people comment on their postings. So if you drop by, please leave a comment so I can respond to you….kind of like saying, “Hey!” before you leave the blog site.

  • What about children being born again. What is your take on that?

Children should be hearing the message of the ‘Good News’ from baby on up. You have the opportunity to build a strong foundation by teaching them about God’s love for them, and His goodness.  Give them the opportunity to think about Jesus in their lives presented at their level of understanding.

Once in awhile you will get a child, like Julie.

Julie was 11 years old and I knew her parents. They were loving parents who were raising their children right. When Julie raised her hand in response to the ‘Altar Call’ during Children’s Church for being Born Again, I was shocked to see her raise her hand!  My shock was due to the fact that I was sure her parents had already led her to the Lord.  Never assume!  She was truly Born Again that day as she asked Jesus into her life!

Jesus told His disciples to let the little children come to Him.  He didn’t say to have the children wait until ‘everything is just right, the right age and everything in place’.  The right time will come when they truly understand what they are doing.  As the parents or Sunday School teacher, keep bringing them to Jesus…don’t keep them away.

  • You were in Children’s Ministry over 30 years! What age range was in the class?

The children ranged from ages 5 to 6 to 10 to 11.

  • Since it was from ages 5/6 to 10/11, how did you keep their attention with the different attention spans?

We had a Children’s Ministry which is different from Sunday School. In Sunday School, one teacher will work with a few children and crafts will be involved. The ages in each Sunday School classroom will be kept to 6 and 7, then 8 and 9, also 10 and 11.
Children’s Church was all inclusive (all ages) and the format has the audience facing the teacher with the teacher in front of a puppet stage. The day’s teaching will revolve around one scripture theme and everything done will be about that scripture theme. It will include puppet skits, object lessons, music, games, people skits, with preaching and an altar call and then scripture races with prizes.  Our team did all this in 1 and 1/2 hours…no real stopping except for the main teaching/preaching and the altar call.

  • What will your books do for my child; my grandchild?

The books go beyond the typical morals and good behavior that are sometimes taught in children’s books. My books are meant to teach them about the Word of God, how to be Born Again, how to dream big and step forward. They learn to keep believing when everyone else is laughing at them, not giving up in the face of adversity. Instead of giving in to believing ‘dragonfly lies’, they discover how to stand against the enemy, how to be a good friend to others, encouraging others to be the best God called them to be.  They learn how to pray and not fear.  And when it comes to grudges….lets just say they will know how to send the enemy packing!

  • Can an adult learn from a child’s book?

Absolutely! I heard from a former Pastor in another state that an evangelist came into their church and taught from The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar!  Then I discovered a while back that Joyce Meyer thought enough of  Don’t Hug A Grudge to use it for her Emotional Healing series, Bitterness, Resentment and Unforgiveness (tape 2 Are You Holding a Grudge or is the Grudge Holding You?) teaching from my book and using the illustrations on an overhead.

Don’t Hug A Grudge has been used in Recovery Centers, for family counseling, International Bible School Children’s Ministry Curriculum, and has gone to the Eskimos on the Alaska-Canadian border.  I have had Pastor’s wives reach out to me and ask permission to use the book for their women’s seminars and for workshops with Native American Indians.  A prison chaplain in Illinois contacted me about Don’t Hug a Grudge, commenting that ‘it’s really an adult book hidden in a child’s book’.   She sent back a large envelope with the prisoners own words of thanks.  Yes, adults can learn from children’s books!

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