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Endorsement by Cathie Dorsch, Host of Kids Like You Televison Show 


Our children’s television program, Kids Like You, featured story books by Donna Perugini much to the delight of our young audiences. Viewers enjoyed every flight and angel’s camp site with Orville Wright Caterpillar and learned biblical lessons in the process. Your young readers will connect with her characters, too. Congratulations on your projects, Donna. I know the work & labor of that love and think it’s awesome!
Cathie Dorsch, Host for the TV program Kids Like You



 Reviews for The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar

by Donna Perugini

illustrated by Nancy Titolo Bishop

Jill Johnson Stafford…  October 16, 2013 ………Just wanted to let you know also the great success of your books–Don’t Hold a Grudge and the Flight of Orville Wright continue to be hits with our grandchildren. Our 4 year old granddaughter spent the day and went into the book box to get books for us to read. Those are the two she brought. This is the first time she has read them and we had to read Don’t Hold a Grudge several times because she loved it so much. We have 14 grandchildren and all except the older two have read these books and in their time of reading them we had to read them over and over like with Ari today. It really impacts children and gives them a visual picture of the importance of not allowing a grudge to become a resentment or bitterness. Thought you’d enjoy hearing this.
Delightful parable of dreams becoming reality, October 4, 2008
By Dane Arrow (USA) – The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar (Paperback)
Beautifully illustrated book for children of all ages. Presents the gospel in a simple but profound parable of a caterpillar who dreams to fly being helped–in his quest–to turn into a butterfly. A quote from the book, “God has put a dream in your heart to be what he has planned for you to be.”
MY ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOK, February 27, 2004
By Evelyn (Stone Mountain, GA) -This review is from: The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar (Paperback)
When I was a little girl my grandma read this book to me every night. It was my favorite book. This Christmas, my grandmother went out to get it and could only find it for $100, and she has three granddaughters she read it to, and there was no way that the one copy we had of it could be shared, because we all loved that book.

To my amazement on Christmas, she called the publisher, and the author, and ended up getting 4 copies (from the author). It was my favorite Christmas present as of yet. I plan on getting married in the relatively near future, and I wanted to be able to read this incredible book to my children. Now I can. Get your loved ones a copy and they will treasure it as much as I do.

December 6, 2004  I’d like a copy of Orville Wright Caterpillar
Hey, Donna,
My name is Scott, and I’d like to order one signed copy of The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar.  My sister and I grew up on that book, and we still have a tattered copy of it at home.  She’s 20 years old now, but actually remembers praying to receive Christ through that book and my mom’s direction when she was little.  It means a lot to her, and I would like to get her a new copy that she can someday read to her children.  Is it possible to receive a copy before Christmas?  If not, anytime would be OK. Thanks a lot, God bless!
In Christ,
The Best Children’s Book in the World., February 17, 2002
By A Customer
This review is from: The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar (Paperback)
This book is great for children and finding their place when it comes to them and God. It tells how unique they are and how special they are to God. There are captivating pictures, and great details to make and youngster delighted. I have read it since I was a little girl and plan on reading it to my children in the future.

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Birth of a First Book!”


“Could this be my dream come true?”, November 11, 2010
review is from: The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar (Paperback

The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar (Paperback)

By Sarah Decker –  My mom gave me this book when I was young, we read it every night as I pretended to be Orville Wright, looking up and wondering what God created me for.

I kept this precious book till a tragic time in my teen years and have thought about that sweet caterpillar many times since. Recently, I searched for this book and found it was coming back in print – GLORY TO GOD! I had to tell everyone! Last year I told my mom about the times I would think about Orville and how the story reminded me to keep dream (God’s dream!) during the difficult times – you know, the dream God has put in each one of us to be what He has planned/called us to be.

I cannot express in words the impact this book has made on me and how it can do the same for your child, or any child! You may say I’m silly or just a dreamer, that a book can’t do that for you (that’s what Orville’s friends said!), but the basic Biblical principles helped me through so much in my life. By the way, I am living God’s dream! Donna, thank you for all you do and I pray God blesses you abundantly!

Sarah DeckerNovember 11, 2010 at 10:17pm
i am giving you permission to post whatever i say about you and your books. this is the book besides the Bible that’s made a huge impact in my life.


October 2003 The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar

I literally read our copy until I had to tape the cover back together…the inside pages held up beautifully.  Of course it did not help that my 3 granddaughters slept with it, as well as the 2 boys sleeping with it and using the corners as teething biscuits.

Never did I dream that it would be as important to my three beautiful granddaughters as it apparently has become.  The twins are nearly 22 and their sister almost 19.  They are at the age where they are thinking of eventually marrying and starting a family.  They want the book in their possession so they can read it to their children with the same positive effect it had on them.
Jo S.

2nd letter

Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!  My granddaughters absolutely LOVE your book.  As I began reading it when they were quite tiny, it is one of their few pleasant memories of early childhood.  They are all three beautiful young women with beautiful spirits..and I thank you for writing the book (Just for Them).

They all woulld say the salvation prayer at the end, after I had read the book with all the weird voices I could muster and they would giggle through and then be very solemn at the end.

They have all requested a copy of the book ‘for their kids’ when ever they have them…so for Christmas, that will be their gift.
Jo S.

From: Robert S

Sent: Tuesday, December 30, 2003 10:22 AM
To: Donna & Dick Perugini
Subject: Re: Orville Wright Caterpillar

The books were a RESOUNDING success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you for all your help!  All 3 girls were extremely satisfied.  They insisted that Gramme’ read the book to them right there in front of the Christmas tree with all the voice inflections that I always used when they were little….Orville has such a cute voice to make up….especially when he is “riding the high place”…THANK YOU for making Christmas brighter for them.

If you are ever in the Atlanta Georgia area, I would count it an extreme pleasure to meet with you for coffee/desert.




Dear Donna,

Shalom, shalom from Jerusalem!

Last evening we had guests to supper and although I scorched the apple pie and overcooked the main dish, the evening was a success beyond my wildest hopes.  Either our youngest guest chose “Don’t Hug a Grudge” from our shelf for her mother to read it to her or my friend chose it herself, But read it she did, and outloud, for at the end of the book, she inserted the name of a group by whom she’d been hurt.  What a victory.  Thank you Again for having written and sent that our way.

Have a blessed day and a Happy Thanksgiving.



Barb and Barnanba in Israel


Review by Heidi L.  The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar   12/09/2010
Anyone who’s ever had a dream in their heart can relate to the hero of the story, Orville the caterpillar. Orville  has a dream.  He wants to fly.  This, of course, seems quite a silly notion to his fellow insect friends especially since he doesn’t even have wings.  Yet, Orville believes different, even if he doesn’t quite understand why.
Eventually, Orville meets a kind young girl who’s got a sincere zest for sharing the gospel to every creature.  The revelation of Jesus in his heart gives his dream new meaning and renews his hope in his dream all the more.
As Orville depends on and obeys God, he is granted continued hope and peace despite the unknown outcome of his dream.
Your children are sure to enjoy the bright, colorful, and charming illustrations as the story unfolds.  Both my kiddos laughed out loud at the adorable little critter.
I love how Donna effortlessly sprinkles little nuggets of scripture and truth throughout this story that emphasizes in trusting the ‘still small voice’ of God in our heart as well as the importance of sharing the Gospel and trusting in Him above yourself to achieve your goals and dreams.
5.0 out of 5 stars The Flight of Orville Caterpillar – An Instant Classic, December 14, 2010
By Pengy Elkington (West Virginia, USA) – See all my reviews
This review is from: The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar (Paperback)

A few months ago, I met a wonderful blogger, Donna, through the SITS girls tribe event. As I got to know Donna, I learned that she is a fabulous children’s author. She has been a great friend and sister in Christ. (and after all the trouble she had with malicious code on her blog that came from who-knows-where just as she commented on my blogger blog – I’m so happy she stuck with me in spite of the possibility of cooties!)

One day, Donna offered to send me one of her books to share with my boys in return for my honest opinions as a book review. You can just imagine how excited I was. We LOVE books at our house. I wish I had a picture of Buggy reading this book (it’s a favorite of his), but alas, the only photo I have happens to be of him reading right after bath time. He didn’t feel clothing was necessary.

Ok – what do I think of this book?

I love it.

The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar is a sweet story of a little caterpillar who follows his dreams. Even when others tell him repeatedly that he can never fly, Orville still believes and trusts that he will one day fly. The story illustrates to children how God puts dreams in their hearts and how they can ask Christ into their hearts.

Orville Wright Caterpillar gives God the glory for the dreams and successes as opposed to so many books that simply say “you can do anything you put your mind to.” The illustrations are beautiful. The story is captivating and written so children can understand. Buggy is two and routinely chooses this book as his bed time story.

I am looking forward to surprising him with another of Donna Perugini’s books in the near future! It was so refreshing to read such a lovely and Christ centered book to my little man!

If you are looking for a great book for your little ones, look no further. Head over to www.DonnaPerugini.com  to order! You can also check out her blog to get some free coloring sheets, dvd music with illustrations, and to sneak a peek the books.

Seriously – you will love these books


5.0 out of 5 stars Sweet little book with a big message!, November 16, 2010
By  Kristy A. Kish “Kristy K” (Ohio) – See all my reviews
This review is from: The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar (Paperback)

Imagine having a dream – something you’ve always wanted to do – but it seems so far out of reach. Your friends discourage your idea and call it silly, but still you dream.

That’s the predicament of Orville Wright Caterpillar. In The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpillar, by Donna Perugini, Orville wants to fly. The problem is, he’s way too small to even consider such a feat. But Orville continues to look up and dream of the day when he can fly.

His outlook changes one day when he is lovingly picked up by a little girl. As he takes in the amazing view from so high up in her hands, she tells him all about Jesus and God’s perfect plan for all of our lives. And in that moment, Orville realizes just how special he really is.

Soon, God is calling Orville to do something big, and with his obedience to that still, small voice, Orville’s dream is fulfilled.

What I love about this little caterpillar’s plight is that he reaches his dreams because of God’s handiwork in his life. Over the last several years, I’ve read so many children’s books which offered the message that “You can do anything if you put your mind to it.” or “You can reach your dreams if you don’t give up.” But up until now, I’ve never found one that gives glory to God for making the impossible dream reachable. But Donna does just that in this book. She also weaves in the plan of salvation in simple terms for the smallest of hearts and the book’s whimsical illustrations by Nancy Titolo Bishop carry the story along beautifully.

I’m always on the look-out for good, wholesome books for the kids, so I was excited to read this one to them. My seven-year-old loved Orville’s story and couldn’t wait to see what happened next. My three-year-old, who has been especially interested in caterpillars after learning about them this fall, liked the colorful pictures in the book.

It’s a great book with a great message for the little ones!

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Reviews for The Adventure of Amelia Airheart Butterfly

in bye! bye! Butterfly!

by Donna Perugini

illustrated by Nancy Titolo Bishop 

The Adventure of Amelia Airheart Butterfly in Bye Bye! Dragonfly, August 10, 2009
By Peanut “Peanut” (Florence, Arizona United States) – This review is from: The Adventure of Amelia Airheart Butterfly in bye! bye! Dragonfly! (Paperback)
I had read this book many years ago when I was teaching a children’s Sunday School class. It was so good I decided to purchase it for my grandchildren. It is a great book for children.
From: Shirley Warren
Sent: Thursday, October 15, 2009 5:38 PM
Subject: Amelia Airheart Butterfly

Dear Donna,

Please let me know when Amelia Airheart Butterfly is reprinted.  This delightful story was a favorite with my nieces, Charissa and Naomi, 20 years ago when they were little girls.  Every time we got together they would bring the book to me for a reading. In fact, the girls would meet me at the door with book in hand!  We would sit together crowded on the sofa and I would read the story and then together the 3 of us would shout out the, “Bye Bye Dragonfly…..” verses.  It was a blast. One reading was never quite enough and we would rip through it again and again.

The girls are grown and married and still speak of it today; you helped us build a great memory together.  Naomi is expecting a baby in January.  The shower guests were asked to bring a favorite children’s book to the shower on November 14 as a contribution to the home library and this is the first book I thought of.  I will give her a print out of the cover with a special note stating this book is pending.

I wish you the best of health and many blessings equal to the amount of joy given to me, Charissa, and Naomi, from this delightful story about Amelia Airheart Butterly.

Thank you so much.

Shirley Warren


Review by Heidi L.  The Adventure of Amelia Airheart Butterfly  12/09/2010
Our hero, Orville, returns as the encouraging side kick to Amelia Airheart Butterfly in ‘Bye! Bye! Dragonfly!’
Amelia is struggling in her transition into becoming a butterfly – she can’t quite get her landing right.
Though her faithful friend Orville is right beside her to spur her on, she can’t help but listen to the nasty taunts of Despicable Dragonfly as he tries to convince her that she’ll never succeed.
As Amelia attempts her landing again and again, Despicable always shows up to cause her to question her abilities and despair in her quest.
Thankfully, Orville stays by her side, cheering her on even more.  He reminds her where her strength really comes from and helps her to guard her thoughts despite the lies that Despicable Dragon Fly tries to continually plant.

It’s quite evident that all of Donna’s stories have the capability to remain relevant to generations of children and the message of God’s love and truth always comes shining through. Her books teach children about Friendship, Faith, Prayer, Angels, being Born Again, Unforgiveness and Forgiving.

I think sharing stories like these with our children can be so effective in their character development and understanding of the gospel because it echos the practice Jesus modeled as he taught his disciples through parables.


5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful work and stories!, February 1, 2011
Nicole R. Elliott “**Nicole**” (Morehead City, NC USA) – See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

I absolutely love this story and the great values and character that it teaches! I have both this and Orville and just adore Donna’s writing!


5.0 out of 5 stars A Sweet Tale About Believing God’s Truth, January 13, 2011
Kristy A. Kish “Kristy K” (Ohio) – See all my reviews

Sometimes it’s hard to escape Satan’s lies when he tells us we’re not good enough or that our God-given talents really aren’t that special. That’s the dilemma of Amelia Airheart Butterfly when Despicable Dragonfly taunts her that her that she was never meant to fly. She’s full of doubt and discouraged until Orville Wright Caterpillar reminds her of the truth – that because God is in her, she can do anything. She decides once and for all to ignore the lies and does what she was made to do – FLY. Of all Donna’s books, I think this one is my favorite because even as a child, I’ve listened to Satan’s lies. The message within this book is so important – for kids and adults.

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Reviews for Do Angels Go Camping?

by Donna Perugini

illustrated by Nancy Titolo Bishop

5.0 out of 5 stars Good Reminder that God’s Always Looking Out for Us, January 13, 2011
Kristy A. Kish “Kristy K” (Ohio) – See all my reviews
This review is from: Do Angels Go Camping? (Paperback)

Antrew Ant really wants to go camping, but Amelia Airheart Butterfly and Orville Wright Caterpillar said he wasn’t big enough to go. So what’s a little ant to do? Stow away, of course. After Antrew wanders off, Orville and Amelia pray for God’s protection over their little friend as they search for him in the big forest. My four-year-old son especially liked this book and wanted to know “what happens next?” I loved the prevalent theme of God watching over us, even when we feel lost.

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Reviews for Don’t Hug a Grudge

by Donna Perugini

illustrated by Nancy Titolo Bishop

Sent: Wednesday, October 04, 2006 10:33 AM
To: Perugini
Subject: Don’t Hug a Grudge
I purchased this book several years ago when my son was little (he is now 17) and just wanted to let you know that this is the most wonderful book about the subject of forgiveness.

 My Dad came to stay with us nine years ago for about twelve days.  He was in the beginning stages of dementia, and we were outside so he could smoke.  We talked about him needing to forgive my mom since their divorce many years before, and he looked at me and shook his head no.  The Lord led me to go into the house and get your book.  I sat with my Dad and read each page, and he looked closely at the pictures.  When it came to the picture on bitterness, where the blue bitterness was holding the boy’s shoulders, my Dad pointed to it and said that was in him.  So I asked my Dad if he was willing to forgive my Mom, and he said he couldn’t.  We prayed together and asked the Holy Spirit to help him forgive her, and when we went to church the next morning, he went to the altar and told our pastor he wanted to forgive her and give his life back to Jesus.  He passed away five years ago, and the Lord gave me a vision of him in heaven with Him.

Thanks for such a treasure.  I have shared this book with children in sunday school, and also other adults who seem to see the truth simply in a children’s book.  Now my Mom is living with me and she has alzheimers/dementia.  When it is God’s timing, I will resurrect that book for her to see.  It is so filled with the Spirit of the Lord, and it reaches all ages.  Thanks again for your obedience to the Lord for writing it with your beautiful illustrations.  This has been long overdue, but be encouraged as you continue hearing our King.

Blessings.  Retha B, Middletown, Ohio


Right on the mark, March 3, 2006

By Scott P. J. Ralitz –
This review is from: Don’t Hug a Grudge (English and Spanish Edition) (Paperback)
Although this is officially a children’s book we have used this book in adult Bible studies because of its powerful message. The pictures and the simple way it shares the story make it unforgettable. We had this book many years ago, but it got lost with all the moves. We knew we had to have a copy to share these truths with our new friends here in Russia.
Don’t Hug a Grudge, July 30, 2005
A Kid’s Review
This review is from: Don’t Hug a Grudge (English and Spanish Edition) (Paperback)
I am 6 1/2 and this is one of my favorite books. Grudges are not nice and bring more ugly monsters like Bitterness when you hold onto them. I like this book because it reminds me to be forgive my friends when they hurt my feelings.
Don’t Hug a grudge, August 9, 2008
By Rick Maxwell (Texas USA) – This review is from: Don’t Hug a Grudge (English and Spanish Edition) (Paperback)
It is a good presentation of your reaction to someone who has hurt you. You can either forgive the person,
or not. If you can’t forgive, you develop worse attitudes which causes up to hatred of the person. Hatred
ruins all relationships for many years and spreads from one family to another. One simple “I forgive you”
brings love and good feelings between people. Many wars could be prevented with this one statement.
Don’t Hug a Grudge, March 30, 2009
By Alexis S. – This review is from: Don’t Hug a Grudge (English and Spanish Edition) (Paperback)
This is an excellent book. Although it is written specifically to a younger age group, the theme would benefit anyone. I would recommend it, especially when talking about the importance of forgiveness.
December 15, 2004  buying hug a grudge
It would be great if you can autograph them…1 don’t hug a grudge book is going to my friend Jon who is a big fan of your books.  As a matter of fact he lent it to me a couple of years ago when I adopted my daughter from china and told me to read it to her at bedtime cause thats what he did with all his kids..He is going to be surprised when he sees your autograph.  The other two books are for my daughter Jade.
thanks, Jim
February 5, 2004  Don’t Hug a Grudge
I found out about your book Don’t Hug a Grudge because Joyce Meyers features it prominently in her tape series “Bitterness, Resentment and Unforgiveness”.She talks about the book and even reads from it to the audience to illustrate her points.  This made me want to get the book for my children.  I was hoping that Joyce Meyer’s e-store would have had it for sale, but it didn’t (you might want to contact the and see if they might want to carry it).  Imagine my delight to find ot that you still have them for sale!
Sandra H.
2005 Don’t Hug a Grudge
Dear Donna Perugini,
I tracked your book down through Joyce Meyer Ministries.  She mentioned your book in one of her lectures (Bitterness, Resentment, and Unforgiveness) and I’ve been on the  hunt for it ever since.  I bet she would be interested in selling it through her ministry.

Your book and Joyce’s tapes have really impacted my understanding of the devastating effects that grudge holding can have.  I understand that your book is written for children which is perfect for the overcomplicated adult to grab a hold of.  I’m 40 years old and was saved last year and up until that time I was a child of the New Age philosophy and had read and studied tons of self help books and new age gurus.

After all those years I was wonderstruck at the ease at which I let years of garbage go with Jesus who led me to Joyce’s tapes and your book.  I’m going to give away some to other adult friends who love learning by playing in the snadbox as well.  They’ll love it.

Kim B.
2005 Don’t Hug a Grudge
Dear Donna:
Please find a way to reprint this wonderful teaching.  I enjoyed hearing it greatly.
The teaching was done by Joyce Meyer who had a copy that her secretary said she had and forgot about it.  She made overheads of the pages and read the book on her wonderful teaching of  “Bitterness, Resentment and Unforgiveness.”  That’s where I heard of your book and wanted it for my libraary.  It really spoke to me even though it was a children’s book.  So, I quickly looked on the internet and came up with only your name and took a chance.
I would love to purchse a copy.  Thank you for taking the time in your busy schedule for me.  You do beautiful work.  The Lord has truly blessed you with hands to work for His glory.  A potter must truly have some insight of the process He brings us through daily.  The Refiner’s fire..
May our Master continue to perfect us to see His image in His work.
Bless you, Linda  W.
5.0 out of 5 stars works within a heart, April 18, 2011
Toni Thieme –
This review is from: Don’t Hug a Grudge (English and Spanish Edition) (Paperback)

This book can enter into the hardest of hearts with its pictures. Its simple message shows what the results are of holding a grudge.
I have used it within a prison and it was able to provoke good discussion. An adult book disguised as a children’s book.


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