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Kids Transition from Liking God to Relationship With Him

Have you wondered ‘how do you attempt to help your kids transition from liking the concept of a wonderful God taking care of them to actually taking ownership of their relationship with HIM?’  I came across this question while surfing a Christian blog site and left this reply.

It helps to have an inspired Children’s Ministry in your church. But if you want to spend time in discussion with your child, sitting around a good book that you read outloud to them is very useful. Get them involved in the characters and point out how each character has a relationship that begins and grows with a loving, caring God.

I love the concept that C.S. Lewis was getting across to his grandchildren by authoring, The Chronicles of Narnia. He wanted to show a loving Jesus (represented by Aslan the Lion), Who would give up His own life at the stone table for the child, Edward in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. This is the first book in the series. (Don’t let the word, witch, keep you from reading the book. The witch represents the enemy, satan).
I am also a Christian Children’s Book author and a Children’s Minister for over 30 years. During that time I wrote four picture books to illustrate my teachings to the children. In the series of 3, they were taught about friendship, stepping in to the dream in their heart, being Born Again, defeating the enemies’ lies, believing in the Greater One inside them, angels guarding them, etc. In the fourth stand alone book, “Don’t Hug a Grudge”, they learn about holding a grudge, resentment holding them, bitterness is a deep root and how to be sure they stay free from the enemy’s disguises.  For now you can find me at http://www.donnaperugini.blogspot.com/. You can keep in touch as the books are being re-issued very soon.

                                                                                           Jesus Loves Kids and I Do Too!

Am I shameless for leaving the ‘bread crumb trail’ that leads back to my blog?  The Children’s Ministry time I spent was to teach the Word of God.  The books I wrote were about a relationship developing with Him.  Children are so full of inquisitiveness and innocence.  You only have a short time before ‘cynical’ creeps into their lives.  Introducing them to Jesus (reading to them even in the womb)  is as natural as breathing.  I saw many children take up their own personal relationship with the Lord as I taught those 30 years.  The exciting thing is, you don’t have to wait for the Children’s Minister or Sunday School teacher to bring them to that point.  You are with them all the time…use this to bring them closer to Him.  Read, read outloud, let them read outloud….it’s an avenue to the relationship you desire for them.



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